Each business is susceptible to a myriad of risks: financial and property asset erosion, product deficiencies, external events outside its control (e.g., natural disasters), internal business interruption and human resource exposure management to name a few.  It is incumbent upon the business to assess its vulnerabilities and develop plans to minimize the operational and financial impact from any such occurrence.  As part of this risk assessment process, the business should evaluate the potential impact of any event and explore avenues to mitigate its exposure.

The financial impact of unknowable exposures can be managed by a creatively designed comprehensive risk management insurance program.  At Kevlar Financials we tailored to be a risk management partner for each of our clients.  Our risk management service platform is constructed to:


  • Assist our clients in assessing their risk requirements’ 

  • Develop programs to cover identified exposures

  • Reach the insurance marketplace to obtain the broadest, most cost-effective coverage

  • Monitor our clients’ operations to proactively adjust insurance coverage programs as business changes occur

  • Provide claims advocacy when events occur that trigger policy coverage